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LEGO Friends Adventure Camper

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

LEGO Friends Adventure Camper 3184

Lego Friends Adventure Camper (3184) is the perfect gift for girls who have shown an interest in building with Lego, but still want her toys to have a feminine touch.

The Adventure Camper gives her the best of both worlds, allowing her to build with Lego as her brothers and cousins do, while still being able to incorporate the dolls and story lines as she would with her Barbies.

Features of Lego Friends Adventure Camper

  • Girls can have fun with this LEGO set by building Olivia and Nicole’s camper, and by driving into a world of make-believe where they are old enough to go camping with their best friends all by themselves
  • Camper can be pushed on wheels once it has been assembled
  • Comes with Olivia and Nicole, and pieces to put together the camper, 2 bikes, a surfboard, picnic table, food, kitchen accessories, and instruction booklet
  • The Adventure Camper is compatible with other Lego products
  • The manufacturer recommends this toy for children 6 to 12 years old
  • Dimensions: 15 x 2.2 x 10.3 inches, 1.1 pounds

What We Like About Lego Friends Adventure Camper

This LEGO set comes with everything needed to build and play, including Olivia and Nicole. Children don’t have to have other Lego toys to fully benefit from this toy.

The Camper has a roof and doors that can be opened, so girls can play with Olivia and Nicole inside the camper when they’re cooking or when it’s raining, as well as outside the camper when the sun is hot.

LEGO Friends 3184 Adventure CamperChildren are required to use their imagination as they decide where Olivia and Nicole should camp, how they should set up their camp site, what they should do each day, and what sorts of scenarios they will run into on their trip.

The Adventure Camper has a Lego rooftop, so girls who have additional Lego, and feel that a second story might be in order, are free to do some remodeling.

Additional Lego Friends dolls can be purchased separately, giving this Lego Friends set a more dynamic story, as well as turning it into a toy than can be played with amongst siblings and friends.

What Others Are Saying About Lego Friends Adventure Camper

One customer who purchased Lego Friends Adventure Camper for her 7 year old daughter thinks that it’s her favorite toy. As a collector of all the Lego Friends toys, she finds this one has the most value for the price, and is the most fun to play with individually and as a group.

Another customer who has previously purchased Lego Friends products thinks that the Adventure Camper is more complex to put together than other Lego Friends toys, but an easy-to-read instruction manual allowed the process to run smoothly.

While the manufacturer rates this product for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old, one customer finds that her 11 year old daughter is too old for this LEGO set. She suggests that the toy may be more entertaining for girls under 10 years old.

A customer who purchased the Adventure Camper as her daughter’s first Lego Friends toy was impressed by all that came with it, including small items such as plates and cups. These tiny details help to make playing with Olivia and Nicole more fun without having to purchase any additional materials.

The Bottom Line

LEGO Friends Adventure Camper is relatively inexpensive on Amazon and other sites, as well as in numerous retail stores. Be sure to check the latest price as it tends to fluctuate daily during the holiday season.

Adults are generally pleased with this product, as it includes everything needed to make the most out an imaginary camping experience!

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