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LEGO Minotaurus

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½
LEGO Minotaurus

LEGO Minotaurus is a new product from LEGO. It’s a LEGO game that needs to be first built and then played. This is truly a new and inventive way to play board games.

Minotaurus is designed for children seven to twelve years of age and for two to four players. The fun begins by building the labyrinth game board with the LEGOS provided.

What’s Included In The Game

The Minotaurus game comes with additional building instructions which allows for a variety of mazes, making the fun last even longer.

Along with multiple ways to build the playing board there are multiple rules which allows for a variety of skill sets, for the young novice player to more advance playing, ensuring no one gets bored with this faced paced game.

Out of the box, LEGO Minotaurus contains one buildable LEGO dice, one rule booklet, one building instructions booklet, 12 LEGO micro-figures, one LEGO building board and 224 LEGO pieces.

How To Play The Minotaurus Game

Building instructions are included and there are several building options to choose from. The object of the game is to reach the hidden temple, which is guarded by the Minotaur, before your opponent.

As the knights move around the LEGO board the Minotaur attacks sending the knights back to their start. Block the Minotaur and other knights by moving and adding the walls of the labyrinth with your LEGO pieces. Move the Minotaur to send your opponent back to their start.

This game requires some skill with strategy to avoid the Minotaur and reach the temple without being sent back to the beginning by moving the labyrinth walls to block your opponent without blocking yourself in.

Be the first knight to the temple to win the game. Play again rearranging the maze, the included instructions offers a variety of ways to play.

Why We Like This Game

This game promises hours of fun for any child that loves to build with LEGOS and play exciting games that require a bit of strategy.

For younger children who become frustrated with being repeatedly sent back to the start, the rules can be modified to limit restarts to two or three times maximum per game, this will help to decrease frustration.

Total play time is between 20 and 30 minutes, its quick pace is perfect for kids, offering hours of enjoyment for the entire family.


The makers of LEGO have developed this new line of board games which combines the fun of building with LEGOS with the excitement of a board game. What’s great about this game is that it can be played multiple ways, simplify it for younger children, and increase the challenges for older children.

LEGO Minotaurus is an exciting and interactive game for the entire family and makes a great Christmas gift for kids.

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