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LEGO Ultimate Building Set – 405 Pieces

LEGO Ultimate Building SetThe Ultimate Building Set from LEGO includes colorful and classic collection of bricks and many different fun elements. There are doors, windows, wheels, minifigures, and a base plate where you can pretty much build anything you can imagine. With over 400 pieces, you will never run out of ideas to play this set.

It also has a tub with a transparent lid for storage and allows you to take it with you when you travel. I got one for my 6-year son last Christmas and he just absolutely loves it. He can spend hours playing and building all kinds of stuff – houses, cars, etc. One time he built an iPod that looked so real it’s incredible. To my surprise, just a few days ago my other son (2-year old) also started playing the set and building simple objects. It’s amazing how these LEGO pieces get your child’s creative juice flowing.

It also has an idea book with instructions, although my kids don’t really like to follow them. They just build whatever they can imagine.

The only problem I am having now is that even though it comes with a nice storage box, my kids still leave all the pieces on the floor. Now I dedicate a spare room for them to play LEGO so those little pieces don’t end up all over the house.

Even though my 2-year old knows better not to put the LEGO pieces into his mouth, this building set is really intended for kids age 4 to 12 years. The small pieces may be a choking hazard for children under 3 years old.

In short I would highly recommend it for your kids. If you are considering Christmas gifts, the LEGO Ultimate Building Set would be a perfect choice.

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