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littleBits Base Kit – Rule Your Room

littleBits Base Kit - Rule Your Room

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

Erector Sets, Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys flooded our imaginations as children and filled many peaceful hours with wonder. For some, they may have even helped determine their careers and now little Bits Base Kit – Rule Your Room takes this ability to a whole new level by offering your child the chance at experience engineering.

The LittleBits Base Kit opens up the child’s world to engineering and problem solving skills by creating interactive inventions and is filled with projects that will keep children captivated for hours as well as putting the fun back into learning.

“Rule Your Room” has easy step by step instructions for 8 inventions as well as the ability to combine with anything your child owns, providing that many more opportunities. Since the kit uses snap together connectors, there is no soldering or wiring, making the kit safe and easy to use.

Features of littleBits Base Kit – Rule Your Room

  • Provides step-by-step instructions for 8 inventions
  • There is one challenge offered and provides ideas for many more.
  • By combining anything your child may already have with the kit, they may discover even more challenges.
  • There is a power plugin and a 9-volt battery included
  • Inclides One potentiometer (allows turning voltage up or down to control various projects), One sound sensor, One buzzer/speaker, One servo
  • Recommended age is 8 years and up

What We Liked about this Rule Your Room Base Kit

A child’s mind is filled with endless dreams. Their minds are quick and they are eager to learn, so what better way then by doing it hands on. Creativity, design and critical-thinking work hand in hand here as your child builds confidence while working through the steps leading to an invention.

littleBits Base Kit - Rule Your RoomFeaturing instructions for inventions such as the Burglar Buzzer, Domain Defender and a Top Secret Safe makes this kit an exciting adventure every time.

Your child is encouraged to experiment with his or her own ideas and designs, and as their skills progress and their confidence grows, the possibilities expand as well for infinite inventions.

Parental participation is encouraged as it provides a sense of family bonding as well as assistance if your child should become confused, and besides, who knows what you may learn. But the kit can also provide you with that much needed quiet time as your children work their way through their own designs.

The educational value of the LittleBits Base Kit is above exemplary and the fun factor is undisputed, making this the perfect learning experience.

Our Conclusion

A child’s imagination and creativity, when properly stimulated and with the right encouragement can know no bounds. The children of today are the dreamers, innovators and architects of the future and educational toys like littleBits Base Kit – Rule Your Room bring them that much closer to their dreams by stimulating the desire to learn, by building their confidence and by teaching them that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

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