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littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

Now you can even build your own droid with Little Bits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit. Star War fans have something to celebrate; fifty years of box office hits and lighting up the silver screen at home.

One of the most endearing Star War characters is R2D2, a heroic droid who knows how to keep secrets from getting out to the wrong people. R2D2 has become the iconic symbol of Star Wars, and is sold in stores as a key chain, toy, model and even a drink cooler.

The littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit is easy enough to assemble without parental help, the product is never truly finished. Although recommended for ages eight years and up, it quickly becomes everyone’s favorite toy.

Features of littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

  • Interchangeable with other Little Bits electronic kits
  • Three navigational modes; force, controller and self-navigation
  • Each electronic block has a separate function, related to motor, sensor or speaking skills
  • The parts can be incorporated with crafts, household items, and other Little Bits electronic kits.
  • One nonstandard battery included
  • Inventor app for iPhone and Android
  • Step by step instructions

What’s So Great About It?

The Star Wars Droid Inventor kit was designed to stimulate the imagination while creating a programmable electronic object with moving parts. It has everything needed to build a droid from scratch, plus the ability to incorporate other Little Bits parts and household items for a distinct look, function and personality. The app-enabled toy is easy to put together, yet its versatility in construction is great enough to challenge even grown-up kids.

The Droid Inventor kit helps develop essential learning skills needed for our rapidly evolving technical world by offering the elementary parts for assembly and basic programming information for robotics. It also establishes with the child a connection with favorite heroes for creative pay time.

What Customers Are Saying

littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor KitParents love the Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit as a fun pastime for the whole family. The entertainment isn’t so much what you can do with the finished product as much as how you can customize the product to become your personal droid.

Because of small, hazardous parts, the product is not recommended for children under three. Its greatest appeal is to the generations of Star Wars followers and young, scientific minds.

The kit comes with clear plastic parts and a package of colored stickers. Parents caution using strategy in coloring the pieces as once the sticker is applied, it won’t wash off.

The challenge is in what you can create, and not so much in how many tricks you can make it perform. With its compatibility with other Little Bits kits, the fun begins before you even start putting it together as you decide what else you can do with your kit.

The Verdict

Star Wars has had fifty years of stimulating imaginations and creating interest in future technology. With the Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit, you begin feeling the future is here, with the children creating and programming their own droids. That toy could one day be the foundation for a scientific mind carrying future technologies to a whole new level.

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