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Loopz Game by MattelIt’s safe to say that Loopz has become one of the most hotly anticipated games for this coming holiday season.

Some of the reviews by various gaming magazines are calling this the must have toy of the holiday season.

So what is the buzz all about?

Quick Overview

Loopz is a game designed for children ages 7 and above. The game promises to be an excellent tool that will enhance the memory and reflex action of the players.

Loopz contains 4 semicircular slots on a perpendicular stand. Each slot has different colored lights along with motion detectors built in, which will allow you to play the different challenges it offers.

Loopz will accommodate up to four people at a time. There are seven different modes that can be played – “Music Studio”, “Repeat the Beat”, “Reflex Master”, “Versus Mode”, “Rhythm and Flow”, “Musicology”, and “Free style DJ”.

How To Play The Loopz Game

Here is how to play the various play modes available on the Loopz game.

  • Music Studio: As the name suggests, it is a mini Music studio. In this mode, you can select an instrument and each instrument can make 10 different sounds. You can create your own music by passing your hands through the arcs or semi-circles called loopz.
  • Repeat the Beat: This mode is similar to the old memory game Simon Says. The rules are simple, try and repeat the pattern the machine gives exactly. As you go, the speed increases and the patterns become more complex. Mess up once and you are out.
  • Reflex Master: The object of this mode is to test your reflexes. This mode can be played by 4 different people and the object is to “tag” as many lights as possible within 30 seconds. This mode is great for improving a person’s reflex skills.


  • Versus Mode: This is a 2 player mode where the object is to build the pattern as you play and it will not stop until one person makes a mistake. If you are into head- to-head competition, then this mode is for you.
  • Rhythm and Flow: This mode is similar to “Repeat the Beat”. The object of the game is to keep up with the rhythm and beat of the song by waving your hands through the semi-circles.If the player makes a mistake, the song will stop and they will have to start over. Only one player at time can play this mode, which has 3 different difficulty levels.
  • Musicology: This mode allows the player to build songs by completing patterns. If you get 5 patterns in a row, the song will be completed. It is bit like a puzzle, but with music. This mode has 3 levels of difficulty.
  • Free Style DJ: With this mode the player will be able to choose his or her track by waving their hands in the semi-circles.


All in all Loopz has lived up to its promise to be a great game for the whole family to get together and have some serious fun. It will be a great Christmas gift this holiday season. Loopz is for anybody above the age 7, which means adults will also have some great fun with it.

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