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MATCHBOX Rocky the Robot Truck

Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck*** WARNING: THIS ITEM IS RED HOT & COULD SELL OUT AT ANY MOMENT!!! ***

Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck is an interactive dump truck by Mattel. It is designed for children ages three and older. This truck can do talking, driving, lifting, dumping, and even dancing. It speaks over 100 phrases.

Rocky is built with strong, durable plastic and ready to handle heavy loads. Kids can tilt the dump bed to unload it by hand, or make some noise and he’ll do it for you. If you push Rocky forward or pull him backward on all six wheels, his blue headlights are activated and he’ll make some noise of his own, with engine sounds and honking.

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To control Rocky the Robot Truck you simply use the smokestack on the front of the truck. Tilting the lever back gets Rocky to stand on his back four wheels. Press the red button on the smokestack causes Rocky to say one of his many phrases or jokes. Pressing the red button several times will switch the truck to dancing mode, where he’ll shake his upper truck body to music.

Rocky is very responsive, interactive, and engaging — often prompting kids to make noise so he can show off his dancing and dumping skills. With only one button for a couple of operations, Rocky’s automatic modes may take some getting used to for younger children. However, because you can play with him manually or with his help, Rocky makes playtime easy and simple. Rocky the Robot Truck would make a great gift for your child this Christmas.

Rocky The Robot Truck uses 4 “C” batteries (included).

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