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Meccano – MicroNoid

Meccano MicroNoid

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Robots are on the rise and the kids are loving it! Not surprisingly, the Meccano MicroNoid is one of the most popular robots on the market.

While small, he’s mighty, learning to wriggle, dance and smash through objects as his programming develops. His charm, however, comes completely from the young scientist in the family.

The MicroNoids are build-it-yourself, hand sized robots that begin coming to life as soon as they are assembled. Just a push of the button, and they begin examining their wobbly arms and legs. Give your MicroNoid a personal touch through programming their moves. A very special gift for the young and creative, even dad is not going to want to miss the action.

Features of Meccano MicroNoid

  • Come in 3 styles: Blue Basher, Green Switch, & Red Socket
  • Programmable, build-it-yourself robot
  • Hand sized body with moving arms and legs
  • Interactive
  • Contains all parts and special tools
  • Made from durable plastic and metal
  • Suitable for ages nine to adult
  • Uses four AAA batteries (not included)

What We Like About the Meccano MicroNoid

Robotics are an exciting part of our highly technical age, making the MicroNoid a natural learning tool for those serious young students studying the future of robotics. The toy involves assembling it from small, intricate parts, which would be very frustrating for small children, but teaches older children an understanding of mechanics and how moving parts work.

MicroNoid is programmable. Once the program is built in, its actions are controlled by a simple push of a button. It also develops its own personality and interacts with other MicroNoids. It’s the type of toy the receiver never really loses interest in because he or she was the builder. Highly educational, it also stimulates the imagination and provides an outlet for creativity.

What Others Are Saying About Meccano MicroNoid

Meccano MicroNoidGrandma thought it was an advanced erector set, and bought two, then discovered all her grandchildren wanted one!

This toy is popular, even young children ask for them, but unless the child is over age ten or eleven, will require a parent’s help in assembly.

The instructions are clear, with diagrams and drawings to assist in putting the parts together, but it’s intricate and delicate work and may require several hours without parental assistance. The plus side is that it’s a great way for kids and parents to work together.

Once the assembly is finished, the programming is simple enough for even younger children aged seven to nine to understand. It creates hours of fun as MicroNoid begins its life in the manner they would imagine, by first showing confusion over its wobbly parts and slowly gaining control of them. Parents advise that after purchasing one, your child may ask for another and another as it’s the type of toy that provides maximum fun as part of a collection.

The Final Upshot

The Meccano MicroNoid teaches some basic concepts in mechanics and helps prepare children for future robotics. Entertaining and educational, it’s a toy for children of all ages, even grandma and grandpa who are still kids at heart.

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