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Monster High High School Playset

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

Monster High High School Playset

The Monster High High School Playset features favorite spots seen on the Monster High webisodes and replicates many of the details on a smaller but realistic scale. Fans of Monster High have wanted a playset to enjoy with their favorite aspects and this definitely provides a lot of enjoyment for those obsessed with the fun of Monster High High School.

The playset offers a 2-story school that folds up nicely when not being played with and includes the mad science classroom, casketball court, gargoyle entrance, creepateria, and coffin-shaped lockers plus many decorations, decals, and accessories to complete a well-rounded replica of Monster High’s most beloved details.

Features of the Monster High High School Playset

  • The Mad Science Classroom includes 2 student desks, a science cart with wheels, strange 3-eyed frog stuck in a jar, spooky spider web wall clock, and the traditional blackboard. The set also provides school supplies for the Monster dolls to use while learning in the mad classroom such as a binder, lidded beaker, portfolio, 2 pens, 2 notebooks.
  • The Creepy Coffin Lockers feature doors that actually open and close, 6 skull locks for the lockers that also work, and coat hooks. They also provide a place to store school supplies and are easily personalized with the stickers included for decorating purposes.
  • The Casketball Court is located outside the classroom and includes a ball hoop, casketball, trophy, and bleachers so monster dolls can watch the game. (No dolls are included with the playset.)
  • The Freaky Creepateria offers a multi-purpose space that can be used as the lunch spot with a traditional cafeteria table, 2 bowls of food, a cup, blood drink, and cauldron. The Creepateria can be transformed into a ghoulishly fun dance area for school celebrations and features a pink disco ball in the shape of a skull hanging from the ceiling. The ladder in the Creepateria leads to the second story room of the playset which is a DJ booth complete with 8 pumpkin lanterns for decoration.
  • Other accessories include 2 stone towers at the entrance, 2 railings as spider webs, and 2 gargoyles reading books.
  • The decals and stickers included in the Monster High set help add realistic decorative details. The decals for the accessories are easily applied as are the other stickers used to transform the Creepateria into a monster dance hall.
  • The set folds up when not in using making it compact and easy to store under the bed, on a shelf, etc. It also includes a carrying handle that makes transporting it easy.

What We Like About Monster High High School Playset

Monster High High School PlaysetThe best part of the High School Playset is that it can fold compactly when Monster High is out of session. It can’t fold as expected when the accessories are left inside, but it wouldn’t fit in small places nearly as well if the folding process had to include the accessories within.

We loved the attention to detail with the playset that definitely makes it more realistic with etchings on the cafeteria table, wheels on the science cart, skull locks that work, and hangers in the lockers, just to name a few.

The multi-purpose room is great for encouraging imaginative play. The set able to be completely assembled in under 30-minutes is a great feature because the child doesn’t lose interest in playing while waiting for a time-consuming assembly.

What Customers Are Saying About the Monster High High School Playset

Not too thrilled the set doesn’t include any monster dolls – those have to be purchased separately.

There have been more than a few consumer-based warnings suggesting careful selection when buying to make sure you aren’t purchasing it from anyone who is price gouging and charging far more than the retail price.

You should be able to purchase it at an approximate $80 price point so don’t get tricked into paying more than even the manufacturer charges. However, at $80, it is well worth the price for the hours of entertainment it provides.

Most of those who have purchased the Monster High High School Playset have found it to be sturdy and holds up well for many hours of play.

There is an occasional complaint that it isn’t strong enough for enjoyment by one child or another, but these complaints are few and far between leading to the conclusion that perhaps it just doesn’t hold up to children who are rough on their toys.

The Verdict

Overall we find Monster High High School Playset to be worth the price for any children enthralled with Monster High and dollhouse fun. Its thought-out details and transformation options are great, and the fold-up portability even greater!

Amazon currently has the best price, plus free shipping. Just don’t forget to purchase some monster dolls to go with this Monster High kit if you want your child to enjoy playing with it.

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