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My Pillow Pets

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆
My Pillow Pets

Quick Overview

My Pillow Pets are something that enables the child that owns it to love it and cuddle it and play with it and then take it to bed.

Imagine the kids playing with this or that toy and leaving them here and there and everywhere on the floor of the living room, the den, the kitchen. Mothers are only too familiar with this scenario.

Enter My Pillow Pets – inspired by a mom with kids who did just this very thing. This is a pet toy that straps together as a toy and then opens as a soft cuddly playful friend toy.

For moms this is wonderful since My Pillow Pets go with her little child everywhere and to bed and is never just left on the floor making the home much more organized and the child very happy and very comfortable.

My Pillow Pets Features

My Pillow Pets Monkey

  • My Pillow Pets come in a variety of animal patterns from a bug with a red nose and black antennae to a cow with black and white fluffy looking patches.
  • My Pillow Pets are made of chenille, a very soft material that is plush and durable.
  • There are more than thirty different My Pillow Pets of many types of animals. Some are named, Cowardly Lion, Patriotic Pup, Sir Horse, to Zippity Zebra. A child will find a friend for life with one of these great soft functional pillows.

My Pillow Pets Bumble BeeMy Pillow Pets are real stress busters for mother, dad and child together when traveling by car, train, boat or plane.

The durable and quality pillow can be taken on airplane rides, after passing through the security system as a carry on item, these are the best type of toy and useful head rest for a young person.

When on those long rides in the car for the family trip or visiting the grandparents, these fluffy and cuddly companions will keep the kids company. It will boost their confidence and offer fun for them on the trip.

More Than Just A Toy For Kids

My Pillow Pets PandaThe founder of the company says that this toy and pillow has become one of the most popular birthday presents, Christmas gifts and collectors item of the decade.

Since 2003, celebrity Moms such as Victoria Beckman and Tori Spelling have been seen out and about or at special events holding the very attractive stuffed toys. It is a pillow and headrest for fundraising; exactly, another wonderful use!

The personality offered by the wide variety of these life-like animal pillows will bring hours of joy and comfort to adults too. Adults who are students or working in home offices, need a place to rest their heads while working.

The shape and texture of these cuddly companions offers support for the neck and head while seated in an executive chair or while resting on the easy chair reading and watching a favorite television show or movie. The design of this unique stuffed animal is such that it has a very healthy dual function.

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