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New Nintendo 3DS XL

New Nintendo 3DS XL

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Portable handheld gaming systems have been a hit since the 80’s, when the first Nintendo Gameboy replaced Tetris. It’s no secret that Nintendo has become one of the video game industry’s giants, yet not many people realize just how advanced the new systems are. The New Nintendo 3DS XL is the latest in handheld gaming technology.

As you can guess, it has 3D capability but, unlike all other portable systems, it has facial recognition sensors ensuring the experience is truly realistic. Plus, it’s not just a gaming device. Among many others are an improved camera, internet browser, powerful quad-core processor and many popular Apps, including YouTube and Netflix.

Features of the New Nintendo 3DS XL

  • Next generation 3D technology – no glasses and no blur;
  • New ‘C-stick’ control and 4 more new buttons;
  • Supports Amibos and NFC connectivity;
  • Sturdy structure with a sleek feel;
  • Fastest loading speed of any handheld system;
  • Supports almost all Nintendo DS games;
  • Two large screens (3.3 and 3.9 inches);
  • Stereo speakers;
  • HD front-facing camera.

What We Like About New Nintendo 3DS XL

Until you take a closer look, the New handheld Nintendo looks almost like the regular 3DS XL. In reality, it’s the first handheld Nintendo device that is, packed with so many innovations. There are new buttons where the headphone plug and cartridge slot used to be, as well as a second C-stick. It doesn’t look like much but is surprisingly responsive. Nintendo also fixed the only game-play issue of the DS line – they moved the side buttons. That means no frustration due to turning off WiFi or muting sound when pressing the ZL or ZR buttons.

New Nintendo 3DS XLWhat we really like about the New Nintendo 3DS XL is the widely improved processing speed and upgraded software. The quad-core processor is twice as powerful and it shows – downloading takes minutes and game-play speed is tripled, at the very least.

Our favorite feature is Nintendo’s “Super Stable” 3D technology. Finally there’s a 3D device that actually works without glasses! There’s no blur and no need to look at the screen at a certain angle, mostly thanks to the innovative face tracking capability. As parents, we’re really glad Nintendo released such a high-quality gaming system but kept their family-friendly policies.

What Others Are Saying About New Nintendo 3DS XL

Buyers everywhere are blown away by the New 3DS XL. A first-time Nintendo DS owner writes “the multiple screens, realistic 3D graphics, highly robust control functions and speedy processing speed make this the best system of its kind”. Meanwhile a long-time Nintendo fan pointed out that “the New DS is the biggest leap in handheld gaming history since the color screen!”.

On the other hand, there are two widely mentioned flaws of the New 3DS – a lack of a charging cable and decreased accessibility of the SD card slot. The cable is just $10 but many parents assume it is included and don’t buy one, making for a disappointing gift experience. As for the memory card location, we really don’t see the problem – you just take off the back cover and see the new slot.

The Verdict

The New Nintendo 3DS XL is a no-brainer for kids aged 6 and up (it isn’t recommended to use the 3D function before that age). Kids never get bored with this present. If the games they have get boring, kids get to browse the Nintendo eStore, use the new, responsive Internet browser and use a wide variety of other applications. It’s a device made for interactive multiplayer games, with sharable Amibos and NFC capabilities, which are only useful when players are next to each other. The piece of mind that Nintendo’s family-friendly policy will not release games that aren’t suited for kids is a huge plus to us.

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