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Nintendo 3DS

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo 3DS XL

Bright. Bold. Brilliant. The Nintendo 3DS is redefining the gaming world because it allows players to get a 3D look at the game that they are playing.

Available in a variety of colors the Nintendo 3DS brings something especially new and enticing to the table – a real life twist on games players have grown accustomed to.

Gone is the simplicity of 2D games and one basic screen to view the interactions of the game characters. The 3DS allows players to play as they normally would but experience through cutting edge technology, game settings that appeal to the eye’s depth perception.

Features of Nintendo 3DS

  • 3D upper screen with 3D Depth Slider, lower touch screen
  • New input and controls: Circle Pad, gyro sensor, motion sensor, and pedometer
  • Cameras: One inward-facing, dual outward-facing
  • Wireless switch
  • Augmented Reality (AR) games and built-in applications
  • Street and Spot pass (which allow the player to exchange information with other 3DS players in the area without any hassle.

What We Like About Nintendo 3DS

Gone are the days of basic gaming in which players would stare at a screen intently and try to judge the depth of the jumps their characters were making. The 3DS allows for players to gain a much more accurate view of the world in which their characters reside. This allows for a more interactive gameplay experience for players.

Nintendo 3DS PinkFurthermore, the 3DS in comparison to the 2DS is a bigger screen but is much more acceptable in terms of portability. The 3DS closes thanks to the hinges on the device and lends itself more nicely to gaming on the go. With the ability to view the game in a 3D fashion and utilize the Street Pass aspect of the device, Nintendo has gone above and beyond the norm in terms of gaming and sharing the experience.

The 3DS is not to be confused with the Nintendo 3DS XL. The XL is slightly larger in its features and in its screen size and has a few additional features. The XL is recommended for gamers who demand the 3D experience with a few extra bells and whistles. Yet, for the overwhelming majority the 3DS meets all of their expectations.

Many love the color choices that are available for the 3DS and the sleek design and finish of the gaming system. In comparison to the 2DS the gaming system feels and appears as though it were made with better quality and it is much easier to transport. With a camera on the inside of the handheld system and on the outside the 3DS is the next best thing this holiday season.

The Verdict

For less than $170 your child can be on the cusp of cutting edge technology with their Nintendo 3DS. Available in a variety of colors this toy is better than the praised 2DS and a bit cheaper than the 3DS XL. With the ability to be customized and shared, the 3DS is the obvious choice for an electronic gift this upcoming holiday season.

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