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Playskool Alphie

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½
Playskool Alphie

Playskool just produced a robot named Playskool Alphie which is a high tech, talking robot that is making it’s way into children’s lives nationwide.

Playtime just got a whole lot more educational, while still keeping the fun in learning.

Quick Overview

Alphie has came all the way from his home planet on a mission to ensure a fun, learning environment to children all around the world.

Alphie loves to talk about colors, letters, math, shapes and much more. He also loves to sing songs like the “ABC song”. His buttons light up and the show begins! Working your child’s problem solving techniques, taking learning to different heights and engaging your child to want to learn.

Alphie Features

  • Through conversational learning, it is proven that children can engage in the lessons and respond back by answering Alphie in return.
  • By singing songs like the “ABC song” and Counting song is a sure way for kids to remember what they have learned.
  • For new sound combinations, simply add the neat card to gain more instruments.
  • Play “hide and seek” by pushing the button on top of Alphie’s head. Alphie will ask you to find a certain card like the letter “A” and your child will have to seek out the correct card.

Playskool Alphie Booster Pack

  • Play the matching games to find the same objects.
  • Alphabet booster pack challenges your young child in letter recognition, letter sounds and rhyming which allows her to be head of the class. Alphie teaches mandate school criteria before she even starts preschool and kindergarten.
  • Interactive conversations such as “hold on while I get a drink of water” and “I have an itch, could you scratch it?” allows children to push the correct buttons to soothe Alphie’s needs.


A well sturdy built design will last through the test of times from hard playing. Alphie’s animated faces are a joy to watch and will make little ones laugh.

Large, colorful buttons on his belly make them easier to push and draw in attention. Lights, talking and singing brings interactive learning to children. Perfect for little learners ages 3 – 5.

Although Alphie is designed for early learning, ages 3 and under need to be supervised due to small parts that may be swallowed. Beware: Children tend to get agitated towards their parents for wanting to take over Alphie for themselves and play.

Overall, job well done by Playskool! Give the perfect Christmas gift today that introduces toddlers to electronics and keeping playtime interesting. Challenge little learners to grow intellectually with games that are interesting and exciting. Two thumbs up are given to Alphie by parents world wide. As the saying goes, “Kids tested, mothers approve”.

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