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Playskool Chuck My Talking Truck

Playskool Chuck My Talking TruckPlayskool Chuck My Talking Truck is a fun and interactive dump truck designed for children age 2 and up. Chuck can speak 40 different phrases and sounds. He also responds to voice commands. When you call he will drive up to you and shakes his bumper and dump bed.

I just bought one for my 2.5 year old and he plays with it for hours. He loads Chuck up with his small toys and unload them when he and Chuck have made across the room. Chuck My Talking Truck keeps him interested with talk, movement, and sounds.

The truck’s body is made of soft rubber so it will not hurt your children when it runs into them. The package includes Chuck and a storybook which allows the parents to join the fun with the kids.

It requires 3 size C batteries (included) to operate. You need to use a Phillips screwdriver to open the battery compartment. This is a minor inconvenience but it prevents the compartment from accidentally open and having your child come in contact with the batteries.

The only complaint I have with Chuck My Talking Truck is that when my son is playing while the TV is on, the sound from the TV sometimes causes the truck to move or stop when it was moving. It’s annoying sometimes but other than that, the truck works great and my son absolutely loves it.

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