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Playskool Sesame Street LOL Elmo

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Playskool Sesame Street LOL Elmo

The adorable fun provided by Elmo is all the rage again! The Playskool Sesame Street LOL Elmo is ready to provide your little one with many laughs and giggles in our modern culture, LOL way.

Elmo will bring a smile to any child sooner or later, no matter how upset he or she may be because Elmo is just irresistibly fun when he starts rolling back and forth laughing, giggling, and shaking.

He also tells jokes and comes with a squeaker toy so you and your child can get as silly as you want to with the many ways possible to make Elmo laugh.

Features of Playskool Sesame Street LOL Elmo

  • Elmo laughs when his tummy is tickled.
  • He giggles when either one of his feet are pressed.
  • Children making silly sounds will cause laughter.
  • The squeaker toy (which happens to be Dorothy’s fishbowl) will also trigger Elmo to laugh out loud when he hears its squeak.
  • The cycle of laughter and giggles continues unabated as Elmo starts telling jokes to make children laugh outrageously which in turn makes Elmo roll around laughing again and again.
  • The more Elmo is tickled, the more he shakes and laughs, and the more he moves, the more he laughs for a never-ending gigglefest of fun for your child.
  • Inside the box at purchase are LOL Elmo, the squeaker replica of Dorothy’s fishbowl, and instructions.

What We Like About LOL Elmo

Anyone who has been around children for any amount of time soon realizes that getting a child to laugh can save the day in many circumstances. Whether a child is sick, sad, lonely, or just plain grumpy, the healing chemicals laughter releases in the body are miraculous and LOL Elmo is GREAT at getting any child to laugh in spite of how they may be feeling at the moment.

Sesame Street LOL ElmoElmo’s laughter is easily triggered and is designed to grab the attention of the child through his funny antics and rolling around. We found the natural interaction created between children and a giggling Elmo to enhance other social interactions from toddlers who tend to be more on the shy side naturally.

In addition, using LOL Elmo to break the ice with new friends or family members who aren’t around much has been a one of the best things this toys provides.

LOL Elmo also provides some emotional growth tools to help your child learn an excellent coping skill good to use in self-management of tough emotions – laughter, and a healthy time-out of sorts they initiate for themselves. When Elmo verbalizes what he needs in a situation by stating, “Elmo needs a break” out loud, it can also help your child recognize and express the same thing when they are unable to continue tolerating a difficult situation and need a break themselves. Recognizing their own limitations and a way to respect their own needs as well as others through it can be a wonderful gift from LOL Elmo himself.

What Others Are Saying About Playskool Sesame Street LOL Elmo

A few people who have purchased LOL Elmo have been surprised at his lack of “snuggling” properties as Elmo has a rather hard plastic interior. But when realizing the harder interior is what makes Elmo hold up to rolling around, and laughing out loud without breaking, it soon becomes just a minor annoyance that doesn’t discourage purchase because the durability is a great trade-off for the less than soft feel.

The Bottom Line

LOL Elmo is highly recommended for purchase this Christmas for just about anyone with a small child. Whether your child is naturally happy and will love having a pal to laugh with, or your child is going through a rough emotional time, LOL Elmo will be immediately enjoyed as soon as he is turned on and laughing. Adults enjoy the funny creature too but if he happens to get on your nerves eventually, just ration the batteries.

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