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Recoil Starter Set

Recoil Starter Set

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

At last, a virtual game that takes you outdoors. Those computer addicted kids are now mobile with this Recoil Starter Set that gives them a real time playing field with the help of their smart phone and a laser blaster.

The startup kit contains two RK Spitfire pistols, a free Recoil app to download from your iPhone or droid, and a phone mount to begin hours of virtual action with realistic sounds and recoils from your weapon action, a re-spawning point for when you are killed, supply lines, bomb diffusion points and much more.

Features of Recoil Starter Set

  • Two toy pistols with dynamic feedback force and realistic sounds
  • GPS enhanced battlefield with positioning satellites able to track up to sixteen players
  • AR Enhanced mobile phone app
  • 3D position audio allowing players to establish positions of virtual gunfire and explosions

What Makes Recoil So Great

Outdoor play is one of the best ways to stimulate the imagination, but the gaming world has been producing a largely sedentary population. Recoil game is recommended for ages twelve and above, and requires familiarity with smart phones, devices and apps, making it ideal for the youthful gaming community.

Recoil Starter SetIt was created to be played in an outdoor environment, with the potential to include a large number of players. It has a variety of multiple player modes, such as Team Death Match and Search & Destroy, but it is primarily a game of imagination, skill and team work.

There’s no longer a question of who got hit and who didn’t with the GPS enabled Recoil Starter Set. The location based game comes with damage clips to attach to your clothing, as well as some dazzling AR enhancements activated by your cameras. You become a part of a virtual game world straight from your backyard.

The built in features are for a strategic playing field that teaches hand and eye coordination, quick responses and team effort.

What Others Are Saying About Recoil Starter Set

Customers state the effectiveness of the game relies greatly on the ability to coordinate correctly the downloaded app with your GPS finder and smart phone. This can be frustrating for those who weren’t born with a computer in their hands, but those that have constructed it correctly consider it one of the most thrilling virtual games on the market.

The weight and recoil of the weapon are very realistic, the guns handle well with precision fire and the game modes allow for some thrilling encounters. You can identify where explosions are coming from by the sound and keep an accurate tally of damages.

The experience becomes more exciting as other players become involved and as you add to your artillery of weapons, which includes grenades, compact additional Spitfires and Spitfire handguns.

The Verdict

The Recoil Starter Set is state-of-the-arts gaming; the next step up into the virtual world that overlaps our reality. It has a few kinks to work out as a phone app, but the pioneering behind it is what we can expect to see in our virtual gaming future, making it technologically exciting and irresistible to anyone who loves to engage in make believe battles.

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