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Simon Air Game

Simon Air Game

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Simon is well known as a classic game of colors that challenges children’s wits. The next evolution has arrived: Simon Air. The Simon Air takes it to the next level by allowing children to use their hands in the air thanks to touch-free technology. Now kids can exercise their athleticism by swooping, swerving and hovering to hit the colors in time.

The game is 1-2 players and just like before, players must repeat the light pattern for a time. There is also a classic Simon Says game included with the system. Children use both hands to compete and can either play against each other or work together to defeat Simon.

The major plays are Swoop, Swerve, and Hover as a means of repeating color patterns. It’s faster and yet still as demanding as the original if not more, since players must watch and remember and repeat patterns.

The system can actually recognize the player’s movements and whether they are following the color sequence accurately by sensing their body movements. It is a respectable update on classic technology and in the age of the Wii and Kinect. Its three-dimensional aspect is certainly competitive.

Features of Simon Air Game

  • Touch-free technology
  • Classic game or 1-2 player game, competitive or teaming up
  • Game unit can sense your movements
  • The same hypnotic lights flashing!
  • Comes with instructions
  • Works off 3 AA alkaline batteries (demo batteries included)

What We Like About Simon Air Game

Simon Air GameIt’s a nostalgic game, especially since you can play the classic or try out the new interactive features in a one or two player contest.

The solo game sees the single player trying to top his or her own score. The classic game is more simple with “single lights only” for newcomers. The most complex challenges are for two players and they have to work together, in a spirit of teamwork. Great practice for melding younger children to work with teams in athletics.

Simon Air Game is about learning patterns and with moves like swoop and hover, it is a more physically challenging game and perhaps the ideal purchase for youngsters who are spending too much time on the phone or video game console. It gives them the best of both worlds, interactive electronics and physical challenges.

What Others Are Saying About Simon Air Game

Granted, not everyone is sold on the premise or the game itself. Some say that the sounds of the game don’t really contribute anything to the game play and can be distracting. Others claim that your hands have to be closer to the sensor than say, the Wii or Xbox interactive games, which can sense from farther distances. This may lead to some problems with the system not registering colors you thought you “pressed” via swooping or hovering.

The Final Thought

Simon Air Game is a shrewd buy for a low price and although younger children may not understand the games, as they grow older they will grasp the idea and maybe open up their mind to new mental and physical challenges. The game does offer high-end technology but for a price that’s well below the interactive game consoles. This may be a good compromise for the holiday season.

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