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Skylanders SWAP Force

Skylanders SWAP Force

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

If you’re not already a fan of the notorious Skylanders, you soon will be. Skylanders SWAP Force™ is the innovative new game from Activision® in which fantasy becomes reality.

This is a game which really captures the imagination: When placed on the ‘Portal of Power’, Skylanders’ collectible monsters are beamed directly into virtual reality on your video console – into the mystical land of the Skylands.

The ingenuity of this idea – bringing together children’s love of collectible figures and video gaming – has secured Skylanders’ popularity with the kids. With the new SWAP Force, there’s an additional, fantastical twist which adds heaps of extra intrigue to the game: figures are detachable, which means you can create your own monster hybrids, each with unique powers and abilities.

Features of Skylanders SWAP Force

  • 3 colorful Skylanders monsters with detachable tops and bottoms
  • 1 portal of power: the plastic platform (hardwired via USB) onto which you place your hybrid monster
  • 1 character collector poster, 3 sticker sheets with secret codes and 3 trading cards.
  • Many additional characters to collect; over 250 new character combinations to be had
  • Compatible with Xbox, PlayStation and Wii.
  • Can be used with any Skylanders’ figures purchased before 2011

What We Like About Skylanders SWAP Force

As with previous versions of the game, your quest is to prevent the destruction of the Skylands. This game is crammed with puzzles, quests, curious characters, side-missions and hide-outs which you must uncover as the game unravels. Whether it be snow-peaked mountains or deep within sweltering volcanoes, you are taken on a magical, perilous adventure.

By far the most thrilling aspect of this new game is the concept of ‘swapping’ characters. Tops and bottoms of the little monsters – fixed together with a powerful magnet – can be shuffled around in combinations of your creation, resulting in new characters with their own unique profile. This elaborate quirk guarantees it to be a hit with the kids.

Also worth noting are the general improvements since the last version; graphics are more impressive and engaging, and the figures themselves are better quality, with new weird and wonderful monster designs.

What The Customers Are Saying

Skylanders SWAP ForceSkylanders SWAP Force seems to have kept everything customers loved about the last version, while adding a twist which captivates kids’ imaginations.

One customer says that the numerous puzzles, magical hats, treasure chests, the evil enemy Kaos, quests battles – as well as the two player option – are still part of the game, and that the new switchable figures are well-made and difficult to damage.

Another customer notes that, on-screen, these characters have a more ‘cartoonish’ appearance, but that the overall quality and depth of the game is great, and an impressive technological feat to boot.

This could be a game which is suitable for children of all ages; one customer says that, because the narrator of the game reads the instructions, speeches and general storyline out loud, her younger children play it without supervision. However, because the game contains small pieces, it is not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.

Another customer’s child pleaded with her to receive this as a Christmas gift; she says that her little boy was not disappointed, describing the game as fabulously creative and enchanting. However, she also says that the one catch might be that the successful completion of some sections requires you to expand your collection of Skylanders’ figures, which are sold separately.

The Verdict

Going by the reviews, Skylanders SWAP Force™ is clearly a hit. It is a captivating and imaginative game which provides fun for all the family, and because of its jam-packed content, should take you months of gaming to uncover all of Skyland’s mysteries. While the on-screen visuals may be slightly different compared to the last version, the graphics are of a better quality, the scenarios are more impressive and the figures are sturdier and with a more ‘toy-like’ appearance.

In all, it seems that this highly-anticipated game has met, and surpassed, expectations: you may have to elbow your way to the shelves for this one.

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