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Soggy Doggy Board Game

Soggy Doggy Board Game

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

Just when you think you have seen it all Spin Master spins a new one at you. Whoever would have thought of making a game out of giving pooch a bath? But Spin Master has done just that in this innovative Soggy Doggy Board Game just for the wee ones.

Features of Soggy Doggy Board Game

  • Includes Soggy Doggy and Dog Frame, Bathtub, Game Board, 4 Game Pieces, 4 Tokens, 1 Die and Instructions
  • Two to Four Player
  • Recommended ages 4 years and up
  • Requires three AA batteries not included

What We Like about Soggy Doggy Board Game

The Soggy Doggy Board Game is a fun innovative game for the wee ones to give a pooch a bath with their friends and battle to be the one that can keep from getting wet.

A little bit different, but then Spin Master always has the spin in the way it offers a variety of unique and unusual toys. Most of them are interactive and designed to fill that wistful part of the child’s imagination.

Once the player has rolled the dice and moved to the designated spot, there is an action to perform that involves either turning on the shower or the doggy bath faucet.

Assembly is quick. It involves filling the doggy tub with water and placing it in the game circle, preferably in a spot you don’t mind getting wet, such as on a table or floor tiles.

Soggy Doggy Board GameIt is now time for the players to try and race around the board to the finish line without getting wet. That sounds simple enough, but here’s comes the catch. The action they have landed on could send them back to the beginning.

If they land on the paw space, they get to wash Soggy Doggy by pumping water from the shower. The other space is a faucet. If they land on a faucet space, they get to turn on the tap to see what happens. This is where things get tricky. After so many baths, Soggy Doggy has to dry off and like any doggy, Soggy Doggy Likes to shake all that water off, which means back to the start for the player.

What Customers are Saying About Soggy Doggy

It’s so cute to watch the little ones play. They become nervous as they reach for the faucet because it could send them back, but still squeal with delight every time soggy dog shakes himself off.

No one knows how many bathes it will take to make Soggy Doggy shake so the suspense just keeps rising as each player takes a turn.

Although this is a very simple and basic board game, it promises that touch of suspense most children cannot resist, as well as filling the children with laughter.

Parents will love the easy cleanup of simply emptying the water from the tub, patting Soggy Doggy with a towel and wiping off the board. Let everything air dry and they are ready to go again.

In Conclusion

The Soggy Doggy is both a game and a toy. Although it’s recommended for ages four and over, its appealing characteristics will charm children of all ages, even toddlers who will delight in simply watching the game.

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