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Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6

Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★½☆

Parents and family members who are looking for a unique educational toy for their child might not have stumbled across the Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6.

This one of a kind toy has been getting rave reviews from parents, and it’s one that has managed to get a very loyal following when it comes to both teens and children.

Before you decide to pick up this one of a kind Christmas present, you should know what to expect when it comes to bestowing your child with this spy kit.

Quick Overview of The Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6

The Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6 is, in a nutshell, a remote controlled car that has a video camera mounted on top. It’s part of the Spy Gear line, which is a line of toys that let children live out their espionage dreams with unique spy gadgets. However, there is much more to the VX-6 than most video cars, and it’s worth knowing it.

This video car has an extremely strong transmitter, and it can transmit videos and sound from as far as 200 feet. The video quality is excellent, and it comes with full color capabilities as well.

If your child is one of those who loves to spy during the dead of night, then the Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6 is a very good pick. After all, the camera’s night vision mode allows them to see clearly even when the lights are off. Everything is picked up on real-time video, and the long battery life will ensure that your child will have all the time they need to pick up that valuable data.

Who Will Enjoy The Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6?

Spy Video Car VX-6The VX-6 is a good pick for kids between 8 to 14 years of age who want to become spies when they are older. Educational yet very fun, this is a toy that has thrilled parents who watch their children come up with new ways to learn using technology.

Spy Gear is a good brand for kids who are very curious and inquisitive about their surroundings, as well as those who simply want to pretend that they are working for the KGB.

Still, there is another group that might enjoy the Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6, and it’s one that is very rarely ever mentioned. Remote control car enthusiasts, even those over the age of 18, love being able to watch what their car “sees” as it drives around the course. It might not be as fast as many of the racing cars, but it definitely is a good pick when it comes to Christmas time fun, and for casual RC car users.

The Bottom Line

If you are a parent or an educator who wants to get a unique gift that might open up a child’s eyes to the world, getting the Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6 is a very good move. It’s also a very good buy when you are dealing with the child who has everything. It’s an upscale toy that will always bring a smile to the recipient’s face. In fact, it’s pretty safe to say you might make someone’s Christmas if you offer this to them as a gift.

At approximately $80 retail in most brick and mortar stores, the Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6 is not a cheap present by any means of the word. However, you can always get a great bargain on this toy at Amazon.

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