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Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star Rebel Assault RC Drones

Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault - RC Drones

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star Rebel Assault RC Drones from Air Hogs gives you two of the most iconic ships, the X-wing and the Death Star.

The Rebel Assault theme revisits the destruction of the death star at the hand of X-wing ships. That’s why this package allows you to actually control the X-wing via drone technology and shoot down the autonomous Death Star. Just as with the movie scene, you have to hit the Death Star a number of times in order to “destroy” it and it fires back at you too.

Features of Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault – RC Drones

  • Smooth flying ability
  • Gyro-stabilization for better control and safety
  • Four channel control
  • 2.4 GHz communication
  • 200 feet communication capacity
  • Works on six AA batteries

What We Like About the Air Hogs Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star RC Drones

If you’ve ever dreamed of having “star wars” in real life, you have to be a little excited at the idea of real drones designed to look like Star Wars ships.

The Air Hogs drone set does allow something very unique: the ability to get behind the wheel and fly an X-wing via remote control, creating your own mini-battles that resemble the movie. Just as with the movie, you have to avoid being hit and hit three direct hits to the Death Star’s weak point to finish the game. Another curiosity is that you can team the X-wing up with the TIE fighter drone set, which is another product altogether, for an even greater battle.

Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star Rebel Assault RC DronesIn case you’re wondering, the Death Star actually hovers and in place. You only control the X-wing and try to shoot it three times, while avoiding being hit by the Death Star. You shoot back and dodge the fire, aiming for three direct infrared blast hits. You will actually see real lights and hear sounds that complement the game. The sounds mimic the shots fired making it for a more three-dimensional experience. The automatically hovering Death Star uses its own IR weapon system and every strike you attempt is tracked.

The remote has a built-in display system so that you can easily understand what is happening and navigate smoothly. This is a high concept for sure and gives users more interaction than they’ve ever had with another Star Wars toy. For those who crave something more exciting, like the thrill of flying a kite or driving a remote control bike, they can have far more of a thrill with modern drone technology.

What Others Are Saying About the Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault – RC Drones

While the toy has been receiving mostly positive reviews, some users have stated that it would be inappropriate for younger users, at least younger than eight. While it’s ready to go and does not require any assembly, the ships plug into a controller, which plugs into a wall charger, with charging cords included in the package.

Users did state that the aircraft is not especially stable and may break easily with reckless steering. Controlling the ship does take some getting used to and you will probably crash early on—though no one has complained of any major explosions. It actually comes with extra parts just in case you do take a nasty tumble. The charge takes about fifteen minutes and you may have to recharge fairly often.

The Final Thought

Most users agree Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star Rebel Assault RC Drones is a neat toy, but perhaps of limited interest to children who don’t have experience with the finesse required to control remote control vehicles or aircraft.

If you plan to spend time with your child teaching them how to control the remote and the X-wing, it may make for a better overall experience than just giving the toy to the child without helping him understand it. Naturally, to kids-at-heart and older Star Wars fans it is an interactive experience that is certainly worth the price—just a fraction of a video game console.

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