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Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo WiiU is the latest effort from Nintendo in this genre. For the first time, players can make their own Mario levels and challenge other players to beat them.

Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise marked its 30th anniversary in 2015. As a platforming video game, it is hard to ignore the success or longevity of this series.

Starting with Mario Paint for Super Nintendo in 1992, Nintendo has worked to ignite the creativity of video game players and Super Mario fans.

For those who do not want to build their own levels or play levels designed by other players, there are 68 levels in game to play. These levels are meant to introduce a new generation to the classic Mario levels, and for older gamers to re-live some of the best in platform gaming.

Features of Super Mario Maker

  • Create, play, and share Super Mario levels of your own design
  • Play and rate Super Mario levels created by other players around the world
  • Build levels on one of four background themes
  • Booklet of ideas for courses included in box
  • Rated E for Everyone

What We Like About Super Mario Maker

This game is unlike anything else on the market. The task of designing levels with the WiiU GamePad is easy, but users will have learn what makes a level great in order to climb the online leaderboard.

It is lots of fun making levels and seeing the comments and ratings by others online who have played your game. The higher the rating, the more people will play it. Players can also enjoy levels made by others and see how challenging they can be.

Super Mario Maker is a side-scrolling platformer in the style of classic Super Mario games, with lots of opportunity to build in secrets and puzzles in order to succeed.

Super Mario MakerDepending on the fiendishness of the level maker, there are very difficult levels out there to be played repeatedly until conquered. The good thing is that the designer needs to be able to beat the level in order to share it online. So all the user-designed levels available to play online are verified as beatable, even if they seem impossible on the first few attempts.

This game’s appeal relies so much on the creativity of users all over the world. It is extremely difficult to get bored of this game.

What Others Are Saying About Super Mario Maker

Many review sites, like IGN rank this as their top release for 2015 the WiiU. Even for people who were not interested in the level making aspect of this game, they remain thrilled by the seemingly infinite levels in Super Mario Maker.

Long-time fans of Super Mario Bros. enjoy the ability to play as classic Mario styles from older systems, such as NES and Super Nintendo.

The Verdict

As far as Super Mario games goes, Super Mario Maker is probably the most replayable Mario adventure out there. The levels included in the game are entertaining for both their nostalgia value and difficulty. The seemingly infinite levels shared by users and the ability to make your own levels keeps the replay value high.

The controls and design interface on the WiiU GamePad are easy to use, but mastering level design and test-playing through levels can eat up entire weekends.

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