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The New Amazon Kindle

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular e-readers in the world, and it has recently released new, better versions that make the world of e-readers come alive.

With the Kindle Fire, the Kindle, and the Kindle Touch 3G, it’s hard to tell which one is the right one for your needs. Some may be overhyped, while others might be the bargain that you have been searching for.

Each Kindle model has a different set of perks and pitfalls, and if you learn about all three of these hyper popular products, the right one for you will soon become very clear.

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The Kindle Fire

The newly announced Kindle Fire is expected to be the top seller for quite some time. The Kindle Fire is the first full-color touchscreen e-reader from Kindle. With its high quality 7 inch screen, the Kindle Fire offers users excellent browsing capabilities, rapid book downloads, and also streaming movies, TV shows, and music at the touch of a finger. Part tablet and part media library, the Kindle Fire has received accolades from all who have tested it out.

Amazon Kindle FireThe only pitfall is that it has a short 8 hour battery life, but it’s still long enough for most peoples’ needs. However, the 8 GB storage allows users to carry up to 6,000 books effortlessly. Cloud storage expands that ability even more.

Unlike any other e-reader, the Kindle Fire allows users to download apps like Angry Birds. It is a gaming center as much as it is an e-reader. Cloud storage, email, document reading, video watching and more are just some of the special perks of having a Kindle Fire.

Despite how powerful this computer happens to be, the Kindle Fire is easy enough for a child to use. At $199, it’s a steal.

The low price really surprised many analysts. Amazon is practically giving away the device and hoping to make back the profit on the vast content it has available.

Kindle Fire – an iPad Alternative?

If you like iPad but was shun by its $500 price tag, you will want to get Kindle Fire as the alternative. Granted Kindle Fire doesn’t have a camera, the screen is smaller, and it’s only Wi-Fi, not 3G, but depending on your usage, it may be more than sufficient.

Do you really need a camera on your tablet device? Are you paying for the expensive 3G data plan? Can you find Wi-Fi hot spots instead? Some 3G phones can be used as a personal Wi-Fi hot spot to power your Kindle Fire. The saving of $300 alone may also be a good enough reason to get the Kindle Fire instead of an iPad.

Another thing I really like about Kindle Fire is the support for flash, which is used on many web sites. Nothing frustrated me more when I go to a web site and my iPad couldn’t display its content because iPad doesn’t support flash.

The Kindle Touch/Touch 3G

Amazon Kindle TouchMuch like the Kindle Fire, the Kindle Touch e-readers come with gaming capabilities. However, they are still considered to be e-readers that have a strong focus on books, newspapers, documents, and magazines. They don’t have movie or music capabilities, so people who are looking for a multimedia library won’t enjoy these too much.

Still, the Kindle Touch, as well as the Kindle Touch 3G has one perk that makes people enjoy it. The sensitive touchscreen allows people to browse, flip pages, and use their e-readers with ease. It’s whopping 2 month long battery life makes this a product that can withstand a couple of weeks of travel without having to worry about recharging it. It can store 4 GB worth of content, or about 3,000 books.

Both the Touch and the Touch 3G come with Wi-Fi capabilities. The Kindle Touch 3G also comes with free 3G browsing, making it one of the fastest downloading e-readers in the world. Prices range from around $99 for the Kindle Touch to $149 for the Kindle Touch 3G.

The Kindle

Amazon KindleIf you want a bare-bones e-reader that can allow you to cozy up with your favorite book, then buying the Kindle isn’t a bad idea at all. Fully Wi-Fi capable, the Kindle e-reader allows you to choose from millions of books, newspapers, and magazines that are all ready for downloading. With approximately 2 GB worth of storage space, you can download about 1,400 books without having any issues at all.

The one issue that many people have with the Kindle is that it’s the only Amazon e-reader that doesn’t have a touchscreen. Instead of the typical touchscreen, users have to navigate using a 5-way controller. This may be slightly more involved, and possibly a little bit more inconvenient than most, but it’s really not too big of a deal. The Kindle is a bargain priced e-reader that comes ready to use at only $79.

Buying a good Kindle isn’t hard at all. Even the most basic Kindle models have much to offer book and media enthusiasts. Moreover, Kindle e-readers are the trendiest thing to hit the world of reading, and they make an excellent gift choice for your favorite bookworm.

For parents with teenage kids, if the price is stopping you from getting an iPad for them, the Kindle Fire would make a great Christmas gift and kids will love it.

With a Kindle that fits every person’s budget, it’s going to be very hard to go wrong with this Amazon product line. Why not take a look at which Kindle e-readers you want to try out today?

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