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The Ugglys

The Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

They fart, they burp, they growl! The newest beauties from Moose Toys are The Ugglys™, revoltingly fun electronic pets and the most recent addition to Moose Toys’ award winning Trash Pack.

This foul family of farting, burping, slurping and growling pups are suitable for children aged 5 and up (or, whenever you child has developed that certain ‘sophisticated’ sense of humour…) and will have the whole family rolling around with laughter.

Features of The Ugglys

  • Available in three repulsive pug designs
  • Each pug makes 30 inappropriate noises which will have you bent over double with laughter
  • A tuning feature allows you to warp the pup’s noises for the maximum disgust factor
  • When pressed, a fly on the pug’s collar makes the noise of a buzzing fly – or, when held down, a whole swarm!
  • Battery save: He snores his grimy snore until you come back for more
  • Comes with an instruction book and ‘Uggdoption’ certificate
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (to be bought separately)

What Do We Like About The Ugglys?

It’s no wonder these toys are anticipated to sell like hotcakes this season: These are perhaps the most hideously captivating puppets to have ever found their way onto our shelves. Whilst girls might have a multitude of choice when it comes to dolls, these light-hearted puppets are the perfect toy for grime- and dog-loving little boys. The Ugglys make 30 rude noises to repulse, amaze and captivate attention; whether playing pranks on Grandmas or grossing out little sisters, there is no end of fun to be had from these quirky electronic pups.

And these pup’s aren’t known for lying down when you leave them to their own devices; your attention-seeking pup might whistle, give let out some mock meowing or have some flies come to visit him. Eventually, though, this pup will take a hint and start snoring, at which point you can then put him back in the box, which doubles as his dog house.

What Do Customers Say About The Ugglys?

The general consensus is that these ugly pugs are one-of-a-kind, wacky toys which encourage kids – and adults – to have fun. Parents and children can wake each other up in the morning with a refreshing new start to the day (!), pop up this puppet unexpectedly from behind doors and couches and let rip rude toots when it is least appropriate.

One customer says that whilst this kind of play can provide hours of entertainment, the hard casing of the puppet’s lower half means that only kids’ hands can fit comfortably inside to manoeuvre the goggle-eyed puppet properly.

Another customers likes the fact that there is an interactive element to The Ugglys. The fly button and pitch modulator on the pug’s collar mean that a child can get even more involved in the mischief. Press the fly button once and you’ll hear a single fly buzzing around; press it twice and you’ll hear what this pug really deserves: a whole swarm. To add insult to injury, batteries have to be inserted into their (messy) back end, too.


The Ugglys have been listed as one of the top toys on Toys”R”Us’ “Fabulous 15”, and it’s no wonder these are expected to be a hit this Christmas: quite simply, the Ugglys are cheeky puppets which are designed to encourage laughter and light-hearted mischief.

They are available in three different designs – all equally messy brutes – and the interactive element allows kids to get in on the fun and get creative. All in all, these are a novel, fun-friendly toys – and aren’t just a hit with the kids, either.

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