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Vtech InnoTab 3/3S

Vtech InnoTab 3

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Vtech is an electronics manufacturer that is well-known for its high-quality and up-to-date gadgets and gizmos. Their great reputation is well-earned from loyal customers.

Consumers find their products to be innovative with excellent quality – including their InnoTab series of educational tablets for children.

Vtech InnoTab 3 and InnoTab 3S are well-equipped to provide hours of fun and learning for children that have been born into the digital age and will continue to incorporate technology into their lifetimes like no other generation before.

Features of Vtech InnoTab 3 and 3S

Both Innotab 3 and 3S include:

  • Designed for ages 3 to 9
  • Your choice of Pink or Blue
  • Camera with 2 MP resolution and rotates 180°
  • Video Recorder
  • Capable of expanding up to 32 GB memory with SD card (purchased separately)
  • Motion Sensor
  • 55 creative photo effects
  • Cartridge with educational games
  • Access to Vtech’s Learning Lodge site
  • Apps free to download
  • Over 600 educational and/or entertaining apps, e-books, games, etc. available for purchase with retail prices starting at $2.99
  • MP3 Player
  • Video Player to play self-recorded videos
  • 2 Styluses (many customers recommend setting one of them aside so it’s available when a child loses one as they often do)
  • Directional Pad
  • Uses 4 AA batteries which are included
  • 1-Year Warranty

In Addition to the Shared Features, InnoTab 3 Has:

  • 2 GB of memory
  • USB cord and installation CD
  • 15 built-in apps

While the InnoTab 3S Additional Features Include:

  • Kid-safe internet browsing capabilities utilizing Wi-Fi access.
  • Wi-Fi wish list
  • AC adaptor
  • Rechargeable battery pack that allows for up to 9 hours of tablet entertainment at a time.
  • 19 specific apps pre-loaded including the H2O Go! Game, Art Studio, friends list, calculator, Magical Bean Stalk game, clock, microphone, D-pad, calendar, notes, MP3 player, and many more too numerous to list.
  • Built-In 4 GB memory
  • Secure access to text messaging, sticker exchanging, voice messages, photos, etc. through smart phones and Kid Connect membership access

What We Like About Vtech InnoTab 3/3S

VTech InnoTab 3SInnoTab learning tablets open a huge variety of learning games for your child with many options available to meet every child’s personality and needs.

The InnoTab 3 does not have internet browsing capabilities while the Innotab 3S comes pre-programmed to allow access to only the websites that Vtech has chosen carefully according to parent-approved recommendations.

We all understand the dangers and risk that can come with the internet – especially for children. It can be hard to know how to navigate that fine line between preparing and teaching a child how to excel in a technological age while also protecting them from the dangers of the internet. Thankfully the InnoTab 3 and 3S tablets are very attuned to those risks.

The InnoTab learning tablets clearly have child-safety issues as a priority. The InnoTab 3 is best for children who are not ready for internet browsing access while the InnoTab 3S allows carefully controlled Wi-Fi access where Vtech has very carefully pre-selected appropriate websites. From there, parents can customize which of those sites they approve of themselves for their own children.

Vtech offers more than a multitude of different e-books, videos, educational games, and music all designed for the specific age groups and developmental stages for parents to choose from, and these can further be customized according to the specific interests or learning challenges for each unique child.

The Verdict

With the Vtech InnoTab 3/3S learning tablets you can customize the learning and entertaining experiences to best fit your child and his or her unique characteristics and needs. You can relax knowing your child will learn and enjoy all age-appropriate technology without internet safety risks to be concerned with.

InnoTab 3 is just right for the child who should not be online at all while the InnoTab 3S provides online access in total, parent-approved safety. You can be assured that an InnoTab tablet includes innovative technology with up-to-date tech features, but these tablets provide that in safe ways to work with you in keeping your child’s safety as the priority without needing a great amount of supervision at the same time.

The InnoTab 3 and 3S tablets will be very much appreciated and enjoyed by children and the adults who are concerned with learning in a safe environment.

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