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VTech InnoTab Max

VTech Innotab Max

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

VTech InnoTab Max tablets are the newest and greatest learning tools on the market with tons of great educational benefits. They are a great way to get your kids away from the TV and learning and playing.

Play, after all, is the single greatest way for a child to learn. Though many of the apps seem like games, they are chock full of learning opportunities and will boost everything from fine motor skills to reading and math.

They are all geared toward different age groups and work on specific skills so parents can browse the 650 apps and games with their child and pick the ones that best suit their needs.

Features of VTech InnoTab Max

  • Comes with cover for durability
  • 2 colors: Pink and Blue
  • Kid Safe Wifi
  • 7” touch screen
  • HD screen
  • V-Tech Kid Connect App for text messages and more
  • 8 GB storage
  • HDMI compatible
  • Expert and Educator Supported Curriculum
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

What We Like About VTech InnoTab Max

The InnoTab Max is one of the best in this category. The screen is big and beautiful and vibrant. The cover keeps it safe and protected. The apps and games are educator approved and the library is huge at over 600. There is something so wonderful about being able to hand this to your child without worry. The Wi-Fi is kid safe and the only way they can communicate is through the Kid Connect App. There is nothing but good, clean, learning to be done on the Innotab.

What Others are Saying About InnoTab Max

VTech InnoTab MaxParents are loving this tablet as much as their kids are. With so many learning games and apps, it is a great way to get your kids excited about new skills and learning. It is especially great for kids who are visual learners as many parents have pointed out.

In general, parents love the rechargeable battery, the case and cover, the ease of use and intuitive design and the huge library of apps and games. Kids love InnoTab Max, as well, of course. Some consumers have used it for long car or plane rides to keep their kids occupied while others let their kids practice skills while they are at the doctor’s or waiting in line at the DMV.

InnoTab Max is something you can hand over to your kids without any worry of them getting into the wrong things so parents feel really good about letting their kids play without much supervision.

Some parents complain that the cover is difficult for kids to get off but others like that because it gives them control over when the tablet can be used and prevents the kids from losing the cover.

The Verdict

VTech InnoTab Max is not just a toy. It is a learning tool. It is expensive but well worth the money and will provide hours of educational and safe fun. Parents will be so glad they have this next time they are taking a road trip or stuck in traffic and kids will never get tired of the wide variety of options of apps and games.

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