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VTech Switch & Go Dinos – Brok the Brachiosaurus Dinosaur

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

VTech Switch & Go Dinos - Brok the Brachiosaurus Dinosaur

This must be the year for technologically advanced but nostalgically retro toys and Brok the Brachiosaurus Dinosaur fits that category along with many other popular toys this season.

Brok, the Vtech Switch & Go Dino is a 2-in-1 toy that transforms from a car carrier to a dinosaur and back again in just a few simple steps.

Children will enjoy using Brok as a car carrier to transport other dinos (not included), and while in carrier form, Brok can launch the race car that comes with the transformer as well as the included Pterodactyl simply by pushing on the spoiler of the vehicle.

Features of Vtech Switch & Go Dinos – Brok the Brachiosaurus Dinosaur

  • A 2-in-1 transformer toy that easily goes from vehicle carrier to Brok the dinosaur and back with just a couple of simple moves.
  • The LCD screen allows for customization of car and dino eye styles depending on which mode the toy is in.
  • Comes with a race car and a Pterodactyl dinosaur both of which can be launched from the spoiler when in vehicle mode.
  • LCD screen displays or initiates over 80 different sound effects as well as dino details and phrases that allow it to be a great educational toy as well as great fun.
  • When in vehicle mode, Brok makes typical car/truck sounds like horn blaring, and engine sounds. When in dino mode, Brok makes some great realistic dinosaur sounds including breathing, growling, and dino roaring.
  • Has a button to push that allows children to hear either the carrier driver or the dinosaur making noises and/or speaking various phrases including factional information about dinosaurs.
  • The volume button has three different settings making it easy to enjoy playing with in all sorts of environments without being overwhelmingly loud or too soft to hear well.

What We Like About Brok the Brachiosaurus Dinosaur

Like other Switch & Go Dinos by Vtech, it is easy to switch Brok into dino mode with a couple simple steps. When his neck is pulled out, the LCD screen active for the car carrier turns into dinosaur eyes, and Brok will stomp his feet and move the motorized neck when a button is pushed in dino mode.

Brok the Brachiosaurus DinosaurThe LCD screen/dino eyes are programmable to 6 different settings for driver styles in vehicle mode or different dinosaur eyes styles. The LCD screen also shows various animations and makes many sounds to teach children about dinosaurs and car carriers.

We found the feature that causes Brok to turn himself off if he hasn’t been played with for a while to be one of its best features and really aids in making the batteries last as long as possible.

Brok is also built well and is quite durable through the rough and tumble play characteristic of little boys. We loved the LCD screen that makes a great bridge between the retro transformers of the past and the advanced technology of the present.

The scientific facts that are given during play are also highly recommended and will create both knowledge and curiosity for more dino details.

The ease of transforming Brok from carrier to dino and back and forth is a great improvement over old-timey transformers that could be difficult to change back and forth and easily broken while doing so.

What Customers Are Saying About Vtech Switch & Go Dinos – Brok the Brachiosaurus Dinosaur

Most consumers who have purchased Brok the Brachiosaurus have given it overwhelmingly high marks because of it durability, ease of transformation, and realistic sounds and phrases from the computerized LCD feature.

Many have also found Brok to be a great toy for fathers and sons to enjoy playing with together. Minor issues have been mentioned about the loading ramp on the rear of the vehicle having difficulty staying attached but that hasn’t been a determining factor for purchase.

The Verdict

Brok the Brachiosaurus Dinosaur is a great interactive toy that is easily transformed into 2 different toys that are definitely worth the money. The transforming part works easily enough for children to do on their own giving them many hours of play while also learning interesting and informative facts about dinosaurs at the same time.

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