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WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog

WowWee COJI The Coding Robot

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

What does every kid beg Santa for and nearly every parent dread? Their very own puppy, of course. A pet is a lot of responsibility, especially for the fickleness of youth. Luckily there is a compromise that both children and parents will love, CHiP the robot toy dog of the future made by WowWee.

In years past, robot pets were not much more than glorified windup toys. But CHiP is state of the art, using apps, Bluetooth and sensors to really bring the experience to life. It learns, it plays, and it even charges itself. It is all the excitement of a new puppy, without the wet puddles on the floor in the morning.

Features of CHiP the Robot Toy Dog

  • CHiP is trainable, artificial intelligence that learns about its new family
  • The included Smartband allows chip to recognize his owner and follow them everywhere just like a real puppy would
  • CHiP plays fetch and learns tricks
  • Toy comes with a charging station, a petbed which CHiP returns to automatically when low on battery
  • There are easy updates through the online app, so the toy is always improving with new features
  • CHiP responds not only to the Smartband and app, but also to touch
  • No Crying puppy, no accidents on the rug, no expensive dog food

What We Like About CHiP the Robot Toy Dog

The biggest advantage of CHiP is that it gives you the pet owning experience without all the burdens and responsibilities of a real pet. This toy is fast moving and excitable, much like a real puppy. He is always ready to play whenever your child is.

How you respond to CHiP and his actions will actually train how he behaves and acts, he will soon develop his own cute personality, which is truly unique for a toy.

CHiP The Robot Toy Dog is a simple concept and well executed. You get the Robot dog, his docking station and his tracking ball for games of fetch or soccer.

What Others Are Saying About Chip, Man’s Best High Tech Friend

WowWee CHiP Robot Toy DogReviews are mostly positive for this toy. The main complaint tends to be confusing instructions, but luckily this toy is extremely popular so there are endless YouTube videos, as well as easy to understand videos on the toy’s own website.

If all else fails, hand the Smartphone over to your kids, who are probably more tech savvy then you these days. Updates are making the toy much more responsive and fun, and most parents are reporting they have never seen a child actually bond with a toy like they do CHiP.

CHiP is getting rave reviews for the amount of fun he is, for charging himself, and for the endless hours of play. CHiP also has a remote control feature, which basically turns him into a remote control dog shaped car, for all new ways to play.

The Final Thought

Children do seem to like this robotic scamp, and parents love not having to walk a dog in the dead of winter. WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog is also an option for training kids who want a real pet, so they can see the time and effort involved. This toy is sure to be a favorite in many families, creating many fond memories of their first “pet”.

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