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WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

The WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog is dominating the field of remote-controlled pups, and it’s easy to see why. The playful colors, advanced digital advancements, and fun sounds give it the perfect lovable traits.

Although the WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog can’t do everything a real pet can do, it can do many different things, including take a walk and bark. Kids will laugh at the dog’s quirky abilities, as well as its adorable sense of personality.

Features of the WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

  • A remote that controls the robot dog’s actions
  • Various different styles and personality traits to choose from – Chippette (Pink), Chipper (Blue), Chippo (Black)
  • The ability to walk, sniff, bark, dance, kiss, sneeze, sing, or chase their tail
  • LED eyes that give the puppy a bright, cheerful look
  • A guard dog mode that gives the toy red eyes and a fierce warning bark that’s activated by sensors
  • Posable hind legs and a variety of interactive sounds

What We Like About the WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

At one point or another, every young child dreams of waking up on Christmas morning to find an adorable pup nestled under the tree. Obviously, real dogs don’t make easy holiday gifts for most families, but you can simulate that excitement through robotic toy dogs that children can name, train, and cuddle.

WowWee Chippies Robot Toy DogThis Robot Toy Dog isn’t just interactive with its owners; it can also sing with others of its own kind, scan rooms with its infrared sensors, and explore areas without any guidance. It’s entertaining and adorable without forcing children to deal with all of the messes a real puppy brings. Plus, the WowWee Chippies comes in three different styles (pink with purple highlights, light blue with dark blue highlights, or black with yellow highlights). Each of your children can have a dog that suits their style.

The WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog is similar to the WowWee CHIP Robot Dog, but it is smaller and priced much more reasonably, so make sure to pay attention to the differences between the two products.

What Others Are Saying

Reviewers love how responsive this robotic toy is to affection and voice commands. Even fairly young children will be able to instruct their WowWee Chippies and spend hours teaching it new tricks. It functions well and doesn’t seem likely to break soon after purchasing it. Several parents raved about the product, saying that their children are allergic to dogs but were finally able to play with “puppies” in a way that kept them healthy.

The Verdict

If you have a child that loves animals but isn’t able to care for a pet because of their age, where they live, or their health, the WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog makes an excellent holiday gift. Its interactive properties will keep kids of all ages engaged for hours, and adults will even get a kick out of the dog’s quirky personality and amusing noises. For such an advanced robot toy, the price tag is pretty reasonable and well worth the quality of the product.

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