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Zoomer Chimp

Zoomer Chimp

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

The Zoomer Chimp by Spin Master is a delightful interactive toy that walks, flips, moves on four legs and stands upright just like a real chimp.

The chimp can change his facial expressions and eye color, as well as make chimp-like sounds to accompany his moods, which are programmed in with his mode of play. Designed for progressive play with ten easy-to-remember voice commands, the Zoomer Chimp develops in complexity with extended use.

Features of Zoomer Chimp

  • Responsive to voice commands and movement
  • Uses a long-lasting battery, rechargeable to USB port.
  • Color changing eyes
  • Realistic sounds and movements
  • Progressive learning scale for interactive play
  • Contains small parts, not recommended for children under five

What We Like About Zoomer Chimp by Spin Master

Robotic toys are becoming more life-like and responsive to voice commands and motions, providing hours of entertainment for both youngsters and adults. Zoomer Chimp is a highly interactive toy that responds quickly to movement and simple voice commands. Although it’s designed to appeal to young children, the built-in technology has a high learning curve, making it a more adaptable toy for children aged ten and above, as initializing complex commands take time and patience. It’s a toy that “grows up” with the child.

Zoomer ChimpThe Zoomer Chimp develops language skills. By putting it in talk mode, it will repeat back what you say in a chimp-like voice. You can gain its attention either by putting a foot in front of it or waving your hand across its face. Its eye color changes with its different modes.

In the purple mode, you can give him a variety of voice commands.
Among the various chimp modes is the comical chimp who rolls on the floor with laughter, the “bananas” command, which puts it up to monkey antics. Another favorite is the guard mode. His eyes turn red, he roars and moves forward.

What Customers Say About Zoom Chimp

The antics of the Zoomer Chimp are highly amusing and guaranteed to bring hours of fun to the user, with voice commands that are easy to learn and can be activated by small children.

The Chimp comes with a guide for unlocking other functions, however, young adolescents, between the ages of ten to fourteen, master the Zoomer Chimp’s more complex commands easily, while younger children have difficulty “training” their chimp beyond its initial programming. In order to keep the younger child engaged, the toy needs some parental guidance.

The mechanical toy moves very fast, so parents recommend activating it on a large surface area. Standing only a couple feet high, it’s very realistic in its movements, and comical in its facial expressions. The battery is very long lasting and recharges easily through a computer port. It can also recharge through a standard adapter for a wall outlet, although an adapter is not included.

The Final Thought

The Zoomer Chimp by Spin Master is a sophisticated toy, designed to become more complex with prolonged use. Small children will enjoy the appealing appearance of the Zoomer Chimp, as well as its responsiveness to voice commands and movement, but older children will appreciate its potential more as an interactive toy capable of executing complex commands. It’s suitable for all ages over five, as adults can enjoy its robotics as much as the youngsters, teaching it amazing acrobatics and a full range of modes and language skills.

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