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Zoomer Kitty

Zoomer Kitty

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Dolls are great for developing a child’s imagination, but they lack interactive features and some kids tend to grow out of them at a young age. Of course, video games are highly interactive but take all the creativity out of play time. The Zoomer Kitty is a balance of both – it’s an engaging, interactive toy your kids will love and it’s beneficial to their overall development. This toy is much more then meets the eye, to say the least. It’ll keep any kid excited with countless surprising features and teach them a few important lessons along the way.

Essentially this is an improved version of the year’s best selling toy, Zoomer Dyno. Not only is the cat version more responsive, realistic and packed with a wider variety of features, but also much less threatening and violent. It’s a high-tech robot toy that aims to imitate life. That’s why such a simple-looking kitten doll is equipped with a highly sensitive touch system, two sight cameras and complex software.

Features of the Zoomer Kitty:

  • 100% safe, with all external parts made out of plastic;
  • Responds to the touch by purring, pouncing and playing;
  • Cuddle Mode, Hiss Mode and Pounce Mode imitate mood;
  • Zoomer kitty preform tricks, if you train her right;
  • Includes USB charger, kitty toy and User Manual;
  • Two sight cameras responsible for realistic interaction;
  • The kitty toy unlocks special features – Zoomer Kitty can dance, bark and sing;
  • Eyes indicate mood and/or charge.

What We Like About Zoomer Kitty

The first thing we noticed is how slick and realistic Zoomer Kitty’s movements are. She looks right at the person who interacts with her, easily walks around on any surface and imitates some of the most subtle movements of a real cat. The cheeks, whiskers, eyes and ears are all programmed to make Zoomer Kitty respond appropriately to the way she’s treated. She’ll purr louder if you pet her softer but if she’s in a bad mood, or unhappy with how she’s treated she’ll hiss or run away.

Zoomer KittyWhat we really love is the idea behind Zoomer Kitty. She has a personality of her own. There’s no way to control her actions by pressing a button. That’s what interactive truly means – when you do something, she reacts to it.

There are countless factors that effect her exact reaction and the only controlled one is the mood setting, which is a very general configuration. We still haven’t seen everything Zoom Kitty can do, though our kids have been trying for weeks!

We know she sings and barks like a dog, in addition to preforming tricks and even dancing. However, at times, she tends to get bored and simply walk away from us, which is hilarious.

The Verdict

The Zoom Kitty has become one of the most popular toys for kids ages 5-10. Buyers are highly impressed with the wide array of tricks she can do, especially when playing with her kitty toy. The only thing that needs an improvement is the battery – Zoom Kitty ‘falls asleep’ after about an hour of use, though it takes even less time to fully charge. When she wakes up, our kids are ecstatic, which makes us happy too. As far as gifts go, this is one of the best we ever bought, even though it is, by far, not the most expensive.

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