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Zoomer Show Pony

Zoomer Show Pony

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

My little pony gets and upgrade with Spin Masters Zoomer Show Pony. This new interactive pet moves and sounds like a real pony. Her expressive eyes will tell you everything you need to know, whether she’s hungry, sleepy, or feeling excited; it’s all in her eyes.

Show Pony responds to a variety of actions. Brushing her hair, petting her nose, or waving a hand in front of her face, will elicit its own unique reaction from her. Kids can make her sing, dance, or prance around the room. Make her really happy and she’ll neigh “I love you”. Most kids dream of having their very own pony and this holiday season that dream can come true with the Zoomer Show Pony.

Features of the Zoomer Show Pony

  • Interactive accessories
  • LCD eyes
  • Moves and sounds like a real pony
  • Suitable for children 5+

What We Like About Zoomer Show Pony

Zoomers Show Pony is wonderfully interactive. Children can use a variety of accessories and actions to get their Show Pony to sing and dance. Each pony comes with four interactive accessories; a sugar cube, carrot, apple, and hairbrush. Raise any one of her food accessories to her mouth and she’ll make joyful chomping noises. Her eyes also tell you when she’s hungry or full.

Zoomer Show PonyStyle and brush her bright pink mane, and she’ll neigh with pleasure. Wave your hand in front of her face and she’ll follow you wherever you go. Show Pony can even put on a show and perform a variety of tricks. These are just a few of the functions that make this toy a fun and engaging pet.

What Customers Are Saying About the Zoomer Show Pony

This fashionable Show Pony is a big hit with young girls. They love how interactive she is. Zoomer makes her come alive with expressive eyes and reactive movements. This sweet pony is full of personality and puts on a very entertaining show. One customers says her children love when their pony gets very hyper after being fed too many sugar cubes. They’d fall out from laughter from watching her prance around the room.

Others find her amusing at parties. Watching her perform her tricks and be a blast for the whole family. Due to its small accessories, this product is not suitable for children under 3 years old, however older kids might become bored by its restricted functions. Even with its limited functions it’s still perfect for young users. The Zoomer Show Pony is a unique toy that will make kids feel like they’ve found their new best friend.

The Verdict

Much like their other interactive pets, the Zoomer Show Pony is a quality product. You can pet, feed, groom, and even train it to perform tricks. Although her functions are limited she still has a mind of her own and a ton of personality. It’s easy to use and young users will want to put on a show for their family and friends. This holiday season the Zoomer Show Pony is a great option for a gift that’s sure to steal the show.

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